Are you stuck at home? Are you not able to go out and do the things you normally do or want to do? Our normal routine has certainly been up-ended by little tiny organisms we can’t even see. But even though you aren’t where you want to be, you can still serve God.

Let’s look at some examples.

Joseph was stuck in prison for years because of a false accusation. Paul was shipwrecked on the island of Malta after warning his jailers not set sail. Joshua and Caleb were forced to wander the wilderness with the rest of the Israelites because the other spies didn’t have faith.

If you had asked any of these men “How do you think you can best serve God?” I doubt they would have said “In prison,” “stranded on an island,” or “lost in the desert.” But yet we see Joseph working honestly and crediting God while in jail. We see Paul healing the natives on the island of Malta. And we see Joshua serving the Israelites as Moses number 2 guy. They could have all pouted that it’s unfair and they didn’t do anything wrong and they deserve to get whatever they were wanting. But instead, they served God where they were at.

God is not waiting for you to get back to your normal routine so that you can worship Him. He is not waiting for you to get a certain amount of money, a certain education, a certain relationship, or a certain anything so that you can serve Him. He is not waiting for you to get rid of a certain sin so you can turn to Him. God expects our worship, our service, and our love now.

While you’re at home, love your family. Read and study the Bible out loud with them. Play games and strengthen your family bonds. Call or message others that can’t get out right now. Reassure them that you care about them. Don’t wait to show the love of Christ.