In the last couple of chapters of Acts, Paul is in chains because he was preaching at the temple and he wants to take his case before Caesar. So the Roman officials send him under guard, along with some other prisoners, to make their way to Rome. And it seems like nothing goes right along the way. The sailing was hard because the wind was against them, eventually they get stuck out at see for two weeks in what equates to a hurricane, they loss all of their cargo in the storm, run aground on an island, and Paul gets bit by a very poisonous snake. (Acts 27)

You know, you would think that God would pave the way for those who are trying to do His will. But I suppose if we only did God’s will when the going was easy, we wouldn’t actually grow in our faith.

So back to Acts. Paul is shipwrecked and snake bit on an island. While he is there Paul prays for and lays hands on the inhabitants, healing them (Acts 28:8-9). Paul doesn’t wait until he reaches his goal of standing before Caesar to be a blessing. Even when stranded on an island, he is showing the love of God.

Too often we think that we can be a blessing to others if things were different. If we had more money, more time, more knowledge, etc. But God doesn’t call us to be Christians in the future. We are to be Christians right here, right now. Even if life batters around like a hurricane and strands on an island. We can always show the love of Christ.

May today you look for ways to be a blessing.