I watched a video this morning where a person praised God that his daughter didn’t want to eat chicken, which meant more chicken for himself. I posted it on our devotionals video page HERE.

That might sound random, but there’s a point here.

I think we sometimes fail to reflect on the Lord’s hand in the little things. Whether it’s unburdening ourselves of small problems or thanking the Lord for small blessings, we tend to forget that He is active all around us. He’s not just the Creator of the universe. He’s not just the bearer of your sins.

The Lord is also the one who knows you so well He is interested in your smallest, pettiest problems. He cares about you so much, He blesses you with small acts of grace here and there and everywhere.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
(1 Peter 5:7)

God doesn’t just disappear for stretches at a time, and then suddenly show up when things get hairy. He’s not just around for the big moments. God is always around, whether the moment is epic or inconsequential.

Be thankful for that.

God will take care of you, and not just when you’re at your breaking point. God will bless you, and not just when you need a life-saver.