This is the biggest line-up we’ve ever had for LIFE Groups at NHCOC! Spread the word and encourage others to sign-up! We’re thankful for our teachers and hosts and we pray for God’s blessings as we study His Word and grow closer together!

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Our “Berean Group” is what we call the LIFE Group that meets at the building. Whether it’s because you have babies you don’t want to be too far away from, or because you like the convenience of meeting at the building, or just because you love the feel of a padded pew, we have many members who assemble in our auditorium every first and third Sunday night. The Berean Group studies the same material as all the rest of the LIFE Groups, and are joined every week by a different Group, whose leader guides the discussion.

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This LIFE Group session we’re going to be studying the ONE WORD devotional book. Each study focuses on a single, Biblical word, and contains lots of great Bible study and discussion questions. A look over the list shows a deceptively simple group of words, but as any Bible student knows, the deeper you dig into a Bible topic, the more you learn and the greater your love for God will grow. Don’t miss any of these classes!

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Looking to join a LIFE Group? It’s not too late!

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LIFE Groups are designed intentionally to help us grow closer to each other as we:

    • LEARN more about the God we serve
    • INVITE our friends, family, and community to see our faith
    • FELLOWSHIP to lift each other up
    • ENCOURAGE others to keep growing and serving God.

This year here at NHCOC we are excited about diving deep into the One Word Study! In the church today, our Christian vocabulary is often lacking. Too often, we use terms and just assume everyone knows what we mean. During LIFE Groups this year we will all be using a devotional book that focuses on one word for each LIFE Group meeting.

We are hoping to deepen our understanding of some key terms in the Bible (Grace, Sin, Forgiveness, etc.).

Each family here at North Heights is given a free devotional book to use as a family to help them study and prepare for the LIFE Group meeting twice a month (1st & 3rd Sunday evenings). The goal is, by the end of May 2020, to have a better and deeper understanding of Biblical words. We are looking for this to make a big difference in our lives!

Learn more about LIFE Groups here.

Joining a LIFE Group is easy!

LIFE groups will meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings of each month (September – May). You can find the addresses of each hosting family and who is teaching there below…