Silver Dollar City (June 4)
We’re going to leave at 6am and get back at midnight, but we will not be staying the night in a hotel. The cost is $45 per person (includes admission + 1 meal). You will also want extra money for other meals, snacks, drinks, and souvenirs

Mission Trip to Childrens Home & Battle of the Youth Groups at CYC (June 9-14)
These two things are being combined into one trip this year. We will start by spending a few days volunteering our time and energy into helping out at Childrens Homes. We will be cleaning out flower beds, moving a patio, and interacting with the kids that live there. Then we will go directly to Battle of the Youth groups and compete against other youth groups in the area in fun games that build group unity. There will be no cost for this trip other than individual traveling money (snacks, knick-knacks, maybe a meal out)

Uplift at Harding (June 15-20)
This is a 5 night long camp at Harding where the kids stay in the dorms and do daily activities. The cost to attend is $75 per youth group member. All others will be $250.

The Kerusso Experience at Harding (June 29 – July 6)
Kerusso is a preaching camp for the young men of the youth group. Even if you are not looking at going into ministry after graduation, still consider going to this. It can help you develop into a leader in the church whether you actually preach or not.

Teen Week at CRYC (July 7 – 12)
I would like to see ALL members of the youth group attend summer camp sometime this summer. There are several camps nearby including Tahkodah, Wyldewood, Green Valley, CRYC, and Areopagus. However, I will be co-directing Teen Week at CRYC and would love to have as many kids as possible from our group come with me. The cost for this week is $140.

VBS Work Week (July 22-26)
We will be decorating and preparing for VBS throughout this week.

There will be opportunities for the teens to help the adults facilitate the classes and activities. When they are not helping, there will be classes for the teens to attend.

Christ Quest in Mt. Home
This youth rally will be Friday evening and all day Saturday. There will be no cost for youth group members, but they will need money for 2 or 3 meals out.

Be aware that registration for most of these activities closes weeks before the event takes place

Most events require payment when registering. If you sign up for an event, you will be responsible
for paying the necessary fees even if you later decide not to attend.

Don’t let money keep you from doing any of these activities. Financial assistance is available for
those who need it. Talk to Shawn.