It’s December 9th, so it’s not actually the ninth “day of Christmas.” Nevertheless, I was singing the song this morning so it’s fresh on my mind. I can’t help but wonder if there’s a spiritual component to the twelve gifts given across the twelve days of Christmas. Maybe the nine ladies dancing represent nine key women of the Bible who, at times, had good reason to dance…
Lady #1: Eve, who danced with wonder at the promise that her Descendant would be the Messiah (Her “first sin” would be saved by that Descendant).
Lady #2: Sarah, who danced with amazement that she was the matriarch of the Savior’s line (She laughed at first, but not for long).
Lady #3: Rahab, who danced with relief that God spared her life (She eventually married an Israelite and became King David’s great-great-great-grandmother).
Lady #4: Ruth, who danced with twitterpation at the thrill of new love (She became the daughter-in-law to Rahab).
Lady #5: Esther, who danced…literally…with skill and won the title of Queen (She used her powers as Queen to save the Jewish people).
Lady #6: Elizabeth, who danced with excitement that she would have a son (John would be the Messiah’s forerunner).
Lady #7: Mary, who danced with gratitude that God had gifted her a Son (a gift she would later have to share with the whole sinful world).
Lady #8 The Other Mary, who danced with joy that her Lord had healed her from possession by seven demons (just one of Jesus’ many miracles).
Lady #9: Mary Magdalene, who danced with triumph after she realized her Savior was risen (His resurrection was her–and our–hope).