Every year we try to set a theme that gives our sermons a focus and directs our study of the Scriptures. From Sunday to Sunday our sermons will feed back into the theme, sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes more subtly, but always somehow a sermon will fit into the larger picture.

Our themes are broad in scope, with nothing too specific or limiting that would hinder our ability to preach the whole Word of God to our church family. 

One thing we’re very conscious of is how a “sermon series” and “sermon themes” can quickly turn into a seemingly-endless stream of lessons that don’t actually end but instead “stop” after thirty minutes or so of preaching each week.

We don’t plan and design a single fifty-two part sermon that is presented in fifty-two thirty-minute chunks. We have fifty-two individual sermons, that cover a variety of Bible topics and present-day issues but which, ultimately, feed back into the big picture theme we’re pushing that year.

This year’s theme is IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH and we’re examining not only the things we do in our service to God but also the attitudes we have while we serve. It’s not enough just to check some boxes, punch some cards, and go through the motions of Christianity. Your heart has to be in it. Likewise, you can’t just do whatever you want and say “but my heart was in the right place!” You have to do what God says, how God says to do it. All year long we’re going to be looking at sermons that highlight what the Truth is and what kind of spirit we have to have while we live it.

Our sermons have something for everyone, and we think you’ll grow in knowledge and in spirit by opening your Bibles and studying with us every Sunday!