The final countdown (guitar solo)

There’s always a nut.

Some crackpot, every year, claims that he’s unlocked some secret code and has discovered that “the world will end this next year!”

Last year there were nuts saying the world would end in 2020. It did not.

It didn’t, did it?

No, I’m pretty sure it didn’t. Felt like it a couple times there, but no, we’re still here. Whenever someone says “the world will end at the stroke of midnight in the year xxxx!” I always ask the same question:

“Oh yeah? In which timezone?”

This year there were nuts claiming the world will end in 2021.  Spoiler alert: It’s 2021 in New Zealand, so unless God is doing this in waves, I’d say we made it past the “2020” deadline. Still, though, it hasn’t struck midnight for us here in the glorious central timezone. We’re still basking in the fun that was 2020. And the fact is, some people aren’t going to make it to 2021. For someone out there, the countdown to the new year is the final countdown of their life.

You might be that someone.

Are you prepared for what comes next?

Are YOU ready when your final countdown is finished?

~ Matthew

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