Beware the me-first attitude that says “I’m just not getting anything out of church anymore…”

Beware the others-first attitude that says “I’m not going to church much anymore, but I’m doing good deeds by going here and helping there.”

Beware the world-first attitude that says “I don’t have time for church anymore, not with all these other things going on in my life.”

Beware the sin-first attitude that says “I met a hypocrite at church so I’m just not comfortable being around any of them.”

The me-first attitude is wrong. You’re not supposed to get anything out of church/worship. It’s about giving back to God. If you do get something positive out of it, that’s just bonus!

The others-first attitude is wrong. Of course you should help and serve your neighbors, but Christ has to come first. The Devil loves to lead Christians away from God by convincing them they’re doing good deeds in place of serving God.

The world-first attitude is wrong. It goes without saying, but still: If you let a busy life keep you from stopping to give some back to God, you’ll find yourself caught up in a fast-moving, fast-ending life that runs smack into the harsh wall of eternity.

The sin-first attitude is wrong. No one would ever say they’re pushing sin first, but when you use the flaws of your brethren as an excuse not to worship with them, you’re basically choosing to associate with imperfect people who aren’t trying to go to Heaven, over imperfect people who are. I’d rather be around imperfect people who are trying to get themselves (and me) to Heaven, over the sinners of the world who can only pull me away from God.

Let’s just put God first and let the rest fall into place.

~ Matthew