Dear church family,

I am so thankful for how intentional we are at North Heights. All of our ministries are focused on saving souls. The work we do to support families and strengthen marriages is no exception. A friend of mine recently posted on social media and said, “Churches that are in the saving souls business are in the marriage saving business as well.” Sometimes souls come in pairs.

Here is how this works: Strong marriages make for strong churches. And we want a strong church, right?

We need to continually work to make our marriages strong in our church and our community. It’s a tremendous evangelistic goal, and it’s all about souls.

To put our money where our mouth is, we are so excited about this next WEDNESDAY (FEB 10th) as we host a 5 Love Languages Short Course.

This event is provided through Thrivent Financial and designed to help strengthen and improve our marriages. The evening begins at 5:15 PM when we will enjoy a delicious dinner as we virtually hear from best-selling author, Gary Chapman, and get inspired by real-life stories and a commonsense approach that will teach us to love better, identify the root of conflicts, and grow closer using the 5 Love Languages.

We want your marriage to be STRONG, and we want to help in any way we can.

To register for the Short Course call or text me (Alex): (501) 314-9457
The first 10 to register will get a FREE copy of the 5 Love Languages book.

I love you,