Contact our shepherds

In keeping with Scripture (Titus 1), our shepherds are Biblically-qualified men who oversee the work of our congregation.

Our eight shepherds have appointed twenty Biblically-qualified deacons (Timothy 3) to carry out special works while they focus on caring for the spiritual needs of the flock. Feel free to write them at any time…

Contact our preachers

North Heights has three evangelists laboring under our shepherds.

Matthew Martin and Alex Mills serve as co-pulpit ministers, equally sharing the responsibility of instructing the congregation and edifying our members with the Word of God.

Shawn Mobley serves as our Youth Minister, specifically working with our teenagers, spiritually guiding them through the turbulent years of adolescence.

You can write them at any time…

Contact our deacons

The North Heights shepherds, in keeping with Scripture have appointed several Biblically-qualified men (1 Timothy 3:12-13) to serve in various capacities, doing the work of the Kingdom here in Batesville.

Twenty men currently serve as deacons here, working in a variety of departments. Each man brings his own unique talents to the work, ensuring that no area of our service is uninvolved.

If you have a question for one of our deacon groups, by all means contact them. You can write them at any time…