1. Guys need guy time with other godly men who love Jesus.
  2. Guys need to be fed God’s word in a setting away from home and not at “church”.
  3. Guys need time to recharge and relax.
  4. Guys will return home happy and refueled
  5. Guys will be encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and their brothers around them.
  6. Guys will spend quality time praying and meditating on being men and leading our families.
GUYS: Let me encourage you to come tonight… even if you did not sign up. SO WHAT! Get in your truck and drive over to Camp Tahkodah anyway. You will be so glad you did.
LADIES: Encourage your guys to embrace everything about this Men’s Retreat. It is only tonight and Saturday morning!
See the schedule below…
I love you,
~ Alexander