A lesson from art (part three)

Be wary of rage.

A person can become obsessed with someone who has wronged them, so much so that every action from their enemy is scrutinized, studied and remarked-upon.

We have to learn to let things go: We may have enemies, but if we let them have a constant place in our minds then they will control us. When that happens, it becomes a quest to destroy that enemy, to rid them from our minds; such a quest can be blinding and without realizing it we can end up destroying ourselves.

Who knows, maybe the bird in the picture swept in (swooped in?) and stole a piece of meat that the wolf was devouring. Instead of letting it go and looking for more prey, the wolf became obsessed, chasing the bird with a singular purpose: Destroy At All Costs. Instead, the bird flew away and the wolf tumbled to his doom.

Enemies are all around us, but whether or not they defeat us is determined by how quickly we can learn to let go and trust in the judgment of God to right all wrongs.

~ Matthew

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