The weather is changing
From hot air to mild
Holidays approach
Putting smiles on each child

First comes the night
When we dress up for treats
We go door-to-door
Collecting our sweets

Next comes the day
For football and food
But of course it’s to One
We give thanks for what’s Good

As the year winds then down
We gather round the fireplace
Carols sung, presents given
(children open with haste)

How blessed we all are
To enjoy the changing seasons
Our thanks goes to God
For all this good – He’s the reason

Before trick or treating
Before Turkey Day
Before they open the gifts
You’ve given away…

Offer prayer to the Father
For safety, blessings, and food
And remember ever to pray
Like He tells you you should…

“always pray; never give up”
(Luke 18:1)

~ Matthew