I’ve been working in my garden just about every day since early March, so as a result, over the past few months, I have had a terribly sore elbow. After a few weeks of suffering, I finally reached out to get help and see what was wrong. I was told I had lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow and I don’t even play tennis). This ailment is a painful condition that flares up when tendons in the elbow are overloaded because of receptive movements in the arm and wrist. Basically, I’ve been working my arm too hard.

My chiropractor doctor (Dr. Dustin Taylor) and my medical doctor (Dr. Wade Falwell) agreed that I need to take it easy and heal. Of course, that is easier said than done… I’ve got things to do and tomatoes that need to be picked and juiced. But, I know if I want to heal, I’m going to have to take my doctors’ advice. One of my doctors told me, “my body is out of warranty” and that I’m going to have to take the time to heal (Ecc. 3:3).

Every time my body fails me, I remind myself that God has a plan. Ironically God’s plan is our bodies should eventually fail and that there will be a day when there is no pain. (Rev 21:4). So, when we are suffering from pain, heartache, trials, depression, or any ailment, it is good for us to endure it with a look to the future when those difficulties are no more. Maybe this pain will help motivate us to be faithful now, even in the midst of pain.

For now, physically speaking, I need to take the time to heal. Spiritually speaking, our time of healing is a life long process, and we will have to endure to the end.

I love you,