Tonight, college football fans will be glued to their TV’s as the #3 Clemson Tigers take on the #1 ranked LSU Tigers in a matchup to determine this year’s national champion. Other than the Super Bowl, it is the biggest football game of the year. All the work and all the preparation that both teams have put into their season comes down to this. They got where they are tonight thanks to hard work, persistence, and dedication. Now they stand at the final step before (one of them) etches their name into football immortality.

It’s a lot like life, isn’t it? We strive and we work, and we sometimes suffer and we sometimes triumph. Along the way we have obstacles to overcome, but one day we’ll be at the final step. Won’t it be grand to take that last step with confidence? I’m sure both football teams are confident that they will win tonight’s game, but there can only be one winner.

As a Christian, I don’t have to worry: I’ve already won. I won the victory on the morning the angel said to Mary “He is not here; He is risen!”

With Jesus’ resurrection my victory of my enemy was secured. All I have to do now is run the race and receive my crown of life after my last step is finished (2 Timothy 4:8). I’m not playing for all the marbles anymore; I’ve already won the game. I’m running to help others win it with me!