We are T-minus three days until the biggest Sunday of the year: Family Day at North Heights!

Everything has been taken care of; rest assured.

The special Bible class? Check.
The sermons? Check.
The food? Check.
The utensils and plates? Check.
The Good News Singers? Check.

All things are ready.

All that’s missing is you. This is your big invitation. Make it a priority to be here AND to bring people with you. Don’t make any other plans. Don’t have any excuses. Be here and be blessed!

I’m reminded of the story Jesus told (Matthew 22), of a King who was hosting a great wedding. He sent invitations out to all his friends and loved ones, and prepared a great wedding feast. He was eager to share in the joy with everyone close to him, but when the day came, no one showed up. In response, the King ordered new invitations to be sent, beckoning those who might otherwise have been allowed to enter. A great number of people came from the highways and byways and enjoyed a great feast. In fact, after the feast began, someone who hadn’t been invited snuck in and, when he was caught, the wedding-crasher was cast away into the pit of outer darkness.

The lesson to learn is this: When there’s a great invitation sent, you only get one opportunity to go. If you miss it, someone else will surely take your place and then there’ll be no place for you to enjoy all that was prepared. Obviously Jesus was speaking of the Kingdom, but we can be forgiven for making a much lesser application: Family Day is this Sunday and it only comes-round once a year. Don’t pass it up; you’ll miss out on a tremendous blessing to you and your family.

See you then!

~ Matthew