You love Jesus. You love Christianity. You have a servant’s heart but you feel restless and unsettled. You’ve been searching for a home, somewhere to belong and a church family where you can put your talents to good use and grow in faith, in knowledge and in grace. You’ve prayed about it, you’ve kept your eyes open, looking for that place to call home.

We want to be that place.

We are the North Heights Church of Christ, a Bible-loving, big-hearted community of believers in Jesus, committed to serving our Lord, our community and each other. We’re serious about growth, not just in number, but in spirit, truth, grace, service and love. 

Come visit us, talk to our loving members, look around this website and learn more about the many programs and ministries that we offer to all ages. There’s something for everyone here at North Heights and if you’ve been praying for a church family that prizes the Lord above all others, that serves and ministers to those in need and that is growing every day in grace and truth, you’ve found it…

The answer to your prayers.