Sunday was a busy day. But don’t get me wrong, I love Sundays like that. I love all Sundays.

Personally, this past Lord’s Day was very busy.  Is started with teaching Romans 10 in Bible class then worship with you, my church family, at 10am. That afternoon I had a quick lunch and then headed to the building to meet with our shepherds and the other ministers. We discussed a few things and made some plans that involve you and prayed for specific families that we know that are hurting, struggling and needing encouragement. Then after that meeting we all met with the deacons and heard an update from each ministry. Then we all gathered at 5pm for a devotional and fellowship meal. We had a great opportunity to encourage a struggling family here in our community. We raised over $3,000 for this family and had a great time doing it. Plus the BBQ was delicious. (Thanks Keith Davis).

Let’s look forward to the next Sunday and see how busy we can make it serving our Lord.

Sunday is coming!

~  Alex