This past week my Razorbacks hired a new coach for their men’s basketball team. Now I am more of a Razorback football fan than basketball but I still enjoy watching the Hogs play on the court as much as on the field. I remember clearly when the Razorbacks won the National Championship in 1994 and the glory days with players like Corliss Williamson, Todd Day, and my personal favorite the Big O (Oliver Miller).

A friend of mine made a comment on social media this week and observes that it seems when a program hires a new coach there it a script that is written with catch phrases that must be said in the press conference. Maybe it is written in your contract that you have to say phrases like, ” great tradition… great facilities… fans that are second to none… I’m excited to be part of the _______ family.”

These are phrases that are highly adaptable to our church family. Let’s break them down:

1. We have great traditions. There are good traditions and there are bad traditions… then there are great traditions. We have to be willing to give up the bad ones refocus and realize that traditions are not that important anyway. The great traditions we should seek to keep going but only while they are effective with the understanding that its not bible.

2. We have great facilities. Over 40 years ago a group of people here at North Heights had a vision. A vision of using the blessings from God to His glory. We are reaping the benefits of those visions now. We have a comfortable building that has lasted for decades. Does it need up-keep and renovation and renewal? Yes. But the bones are there. The challenge for us is to keep having visions of how to use what God has blessed us with to His glory.

3. We have “fans” that are second to none. When I say “fans” Im talking about us. Im talking about people that are willing to serve and be involved and look for ways to better work in the Kingdom of God. I’m totally impressed with the response to the Involvement Forms. Several have already turned their forms in. Keep them coming and keep being the best “fans”.

4. I’m still excited to be part of the North Heights family. Kira, Rachel, Walter and I moved here almost 3 years ago this summer. Yes, I am one of your ministers. But I also feel as though I am part of this family. My family is your family and your family is my family. We are one big church family. There is not another church like NHCOC. Keep being that family that welcomes people and adopts them as your own.

NHCOC has a wonderful reputation and you belong here!

P.S. Go Hogs!

~  Alex