As a teacher, you are a difference-maker for all of eternity. Teaching kids reading, writing, and arithmetic is absolutely necessary. I send my kids to school every day because they need to learn secular education to be able to “make it” in life. Our society spends an enormous amount of time and energy and cold hard cash on educating ourselves.
While it’s essential and absolutely necessary to educate ourselves in the ways of the world, let’s remember that teaching our kids the ways of the Lord is so much more important. We make sure to get our kids to school on time and that they have their homework completed and ready to turn in. Isn’t it funny how we will ask about grades and make sure that they are meeting all the standards for their grade level, but we are lackadaisical about Bible class? Well, it’s not really funny. It needs to change and change quickly. It all starts with parents having the right attitude about Bible class and reinforced by the leadership of elders, teachers, and preachers of the church.
Let’s stop being so casual about attending and teaching Bible classes. We need people to step up and we need people that are willing to be dedicated to teaching and learning the words of eternal life! If your child is enjoying the benefits of Bible class, let me encourage you to step up and give back by teaching in the Children’s Biblical Education Program.
It’s one of the most important ministries and it needs your involvement.
Are we too lackadaisical about Bible class? Yes, we have been, but we are going to do better, right?
I love you,