Welcome to that weird week between Christmas and New Years, where it feels too soon to put up the tree but too late to watch Gremlins.

Just kidding, it’s never too late to watch Gremlins.

What do we do with this week? Christmas needs no help coming up with traditions and activities to keep us busy. Most people know the routine on New Years, too. But that week in between just sort of hangs in limbo, the annual purgatory of distracting tinsel and obnoxious party hats. Here’s an idea. You want a way to make this week have some purpose? You want something to do as you approach New Years? I got just the thing…

Read the second half of John.

John chapters 12-21 comprise half of the Gospel account but the material therein is solely concerned with the final days of Jesus’ life, and the immediate aftermath of His resurrection. If you read just a portion of it each day, starting today, you can have it finished by New Years Eve*.

Along the way you’ll read about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, riding on a mule as the people prepared for Passover. You’ll read about the Lord’s last supper, where He spoke of His atoning sacrifice and the power of His love. You’ll read about His prayer for unity, His unjust arrest, incredible trial, inhumane abuse, and His unselfish death. You’ll read about the morning He rose and the joy that spread among His friends and disciples. You’ll read about the breakfast-time repentance of Peter and the promise of suffering that comes with discipleship.

Finally you’ll read John’s final words on the subject of Jesus, which amount to him saying “this is only a sample of all that He did, but it’s more than enough to convict the heart and convert the sinner.”

*Read John 12 today, December 26. >>The Lord’s entry into Jerusalem<<
Read John 13 tomorrow, December 27. >> The Lord’s last supper<<
Read John 14-16 Saturday, December 28. >>Jesus’ final lesson for His disciples<<
Read John 17 Sunday, December 29. >>A powerful prayer for unity<<
Read John 18-19 Monday, December 30. >>Jesus’ passion<<
Read John 20-21 Tuesday, December 31. >>Up from the grave He arose!<<

And when you ring in the New Year, you’ll do so with the remarkable death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on your mind. You can usher yourself into a New Year with a resolution to keep what Jesus did for you square on your mind, and focus in 2020 on what you can do for Him, too.

God bless,

~ Matthew