We all have things that occupy our minds. We all have busy schedules and a million errands to run. We all have stresses and busy days… weekends… weeks… and months. Such is life. Here are a few things that I’m thinking about right now: 

  1. This Sunday I am preaching a sermon titled, “I’m Sorry, But That’s Just Bible” It is one of two parts. My part deals with those things that we have ignored or forgotten that we need to be reminded about that are definitely in the Bible. These are simple, basic, and fundamental truths that are just Bible. Matthew will have the second part titled, “I’m Sorry, But That Ain’t Bible”. His sermon will deal with those things that we think are Bible but actually are not. It sounds right, even biblical, but it just ain’t Bible. I know that Matthew and I have both been looking forward to these lessons. We love what we do and we we are passionate about doing a good job. Please, come and invite your friends and family.
  2. This Sunday also begins a new year of our LIFE Group meetings. I am so excited about how the One Word study will transform our lives here at North Heights. It’s going to be so good for us all to concentrate on one word each week for LIFE Groups then get together on the 1st and 3rd Sundays to discuss and grow together. Make sure that you are spending some time with your family reading through the devotional books in preparation of the LIFE Group meetings. If you have not joined a LIFE Group yet… it is NOT too late. Pick one and go. Our LIFE Groups are always open and we encourage everyone to invite your friends and family to join us.
  3. Our annual Family Day here at North Heights is just a few short weeks away and I am so encouraged about what this day will be. We are expecting a huge crowd because I am sure you are inviting your family to join you for worship this day. We will be focusing on The Good News for Your Whole House. Make sure to invite EVERYONE you know to join you. Remember, to make sure to sign up to help serve the meal afterwards and/or the help with the clean up crew. It’s going to be a fantastic family day and I know you are looking forward to it, too.
  4. These past few weeks Rocky Morgan and I have been working with the Davis family and many others on creating and organizing an event that will help kick start the Austin Shay Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will be awarded to kids in our area during our SUMMIT Youth Rally starting in 2020 and for years to come. We are so excited to have organized a BBQ & Bluegrass Benefit Concert and Silent Auction that will be hosted at the Southside Auditorium and Performance Hall on October 12th (Austin’s birthday). The event begins with dinner at 5pm and the concert at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now (BBQ Dinner $10 – Concert $20). If you want to help us honor the memory of Austin and encourage the Davis family then let me know and I will be glad to make sure you can purchase the number of tickets you desire.

Last but not least… Over the next few weeks I am going to be finishing up a graduate school class on the Gospel of Matthew and then Matthew Martin and I are starting two more classes; one class on Advanced Hermeneutics (how to interpret the Bible) and then the other on Biblical Counseling. In October Matthew and I will travel again to Denver for the Blitz Week for these two classes. We both are planning to graduate at end of Spring early Summer 2020 so we are looking forward to finishing strong in all our studies. These classes benefit us in our own ministry and they benefit you as our church family. We appreciate our elders supporting us in this continuing education. Almost done!

This time of year is always busy but it is my most favorite time… football, cooler temps (if it will ever happen) trunk or treat and chili cook off, then of course, Thanksgiving, Polar Express Night, and then Christmas!!!

We we all have things that occupy our minds. Busy schedules, errands, and stresses. All this work and busyness to God’s glory!

“Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”. Is that Bible???

It’s not an actual verse in the Bible… so that ain’t bible… but there is truth in it.

Proverbs 16:17A worthless man digs up evil, While his words are like scorching fire.

It’s impossible to be worthless if I’m this busy! How about you?

I love you,
~ Alex