Isn’t it cool that our God desires to be with His people? I mean, He is God: Infinite, wise, powerful, has the ability to have anything He wants. And more than anything, He wants to be with us. We see Him walking in Eden talking with Adam and Eve. He led the Israelites through the wilderness for the forty years and made His residence in their camp. His presence was in the temple that was at the heart of Jerusalem. Ultimately, He took a human form and lived among us, talking face to face with us, reaching out and touching us. I just think that’s really cool that the all-powerful God desires to be close to us. He desires to be close to you.

You are so incredibly valuable to God. He could have anything in the universe, and He chooses you. More than all the riches and treasures, more than all the incredible lands and wonders, more than all the stars in the sky, God chooses you. You are loved by the One whose love means everything.

May you recognize the closeness of God in your life.

Have a blessed Wednesday.