Today has been an absolutely beautiful morning. The skies are clear, the birds are chirping, the temp was a perfect 75. You couldn’t ask for better weather.

Yesterday was great too, but here in Batesville we had a sudden storm pop-up in the late-afternoon. You know how there’s usually a few good teaser thunderclaps to warn you of an approaching storm? Yeah, we heard the thunder and then the rain started falling not thirty seconds later.

Naturally the top was down in my car.

But by the time I put the top up and drove home (soaking wet) the rain had stopped. By the time I dried off and looked out the window, you wouldn’t know it had even rained. And today it’s beautiful again.

Storms will happen, sudden ones too, but the dark clouds that bring gloom are not permanent. God will send them on their way in due time and then the sun will come out again.

David praises God as his Shepard who leads His sheep to the green pastures (Psalm 23:1). God knows where He wants us to go, and we may have to go through some dark times to get there, but get there we will.

Trust Him.

~ Mathew