The gospel is the good news of Jesus. It centers around his death, burial, resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). To evangelize is to share this news with others. It is one of the purposes God has empowered us to do while here on this earth. When we evangelize, we glorify God, we grow the church, and give hope to sinners like ourselves. But the benefits of evangelism are not just in the here and now. The benefits are everlasting. Aren’t you glad someone shared the gospel with you? Because someone took the time to evangelize you, you get to reap the benefits.

When I preach in a few weeks about what message we need to share all around the neighborhood, let’s remember that the work of evangelism = eternally beneficially. This is a reason for us to be more and more evangelistic. It should give us a sense of urgency and motivation. So reason number two of why we should be evangelistic: 

Evangelism is ETERNALLY BENEFICIAL. In Matthew 6:19, Jesus teaches his disciples to “store up treasure in heaven”. This treasure consists of eternal rewards. Things on this earth are temporary and will rot or rust away or can be stolen. But when we invest in eternity, we will be rewarded eternally. We should share the message of Jesus because of the endless benefits it brings to those who obey and the endless benefits it brings us as evangelists. It is not self-centered to want to share the gospel for the eternal benefits. We should want to share the gospel because it pleases God, and he will reward us for our efforts. 

Paul refers to the Thessalonians’ salvation as the “joy” and “crown of which they will glory” in 1 Thessalonians 2:19. This “joy” and this “crown” await us in heaven. I believe that we need to be reminded that one of the reasons we go all around the neighborhood preaching and teaching about Jesus and His church is because it has eternal benefits. 

Let’s be evangelists because evangelism = ETERNALLY BENEFICIAL. Love your neighbor. 

I love you,