Be careful in thinking that God will just “take care of” the sins of our nation. He might…but it might be as simple as God just smiting the individuals at the root of it. Instead He might just smite the whole nation.

In an election year, it’s common for some Christians to say: “God’s not going to let that horrible sinner _________ win the White House!” but that’s not how it works. If that “horrible sinner” does win, it’s not God’s fault; it’s the nation’s fault for voting for that sinner. So don’t be surprised when, in response, God punishes the nation for its bad decisions. He’s done it before.

“But that would mean punishing the faithful, too!”

And yet…Judah had a faithful remnant who went to Babylon. Incidentally, the reason they were faithful was because they put God first. What that means is, whether in Judah or in Babylon, they revered God as God and that’s Who they served. Babylon was punishment for the sinners who loved their city more than their God. For the faithful few, Babylon was just the next place God directed them to live.

It’s here where I would typically quote a Bible verse but, really just read the book of Habakkuk; the whole thing is the point I’m making.

I’ve heard some say “God will never destroy America, because America is a Christian Nation.”


The church of Jesus Christ is God’s Christian nation. America is just where a few of of God’s people live on this earth…for now.

~ Matthew