Matthew and I are looking forward to beginning a new series of lessons on June 21 that will encourage us all to be content in various areas of our lives.
Matthew will begin the series with a sermon focusing on us being happy with our kids. It’s very appropriate timing since that day is Father’s Day. It will serve as a beautiful reminder about how to be a good father and being content with the children with which God has blessed us.
The next week I will preach a sermon focusing on being happy with our spouse. Its wedding season in our culture and many couples are beginning their lives together at this time. Marriage is a blessing from God, and so we will talk about how to be content with the spouse God has giving you.
Afterward, the first two weeks in July will focus on being happy with your stuff, which will focus on how to be content with the material blessings we have. Then the series will wrap up with a lesson on being content with our jobs/careers.
These lessons will be positive and encouraging and remind us all what true contentment is in each of these areas. It’s a message we all need, so invite your friends and family and join us in person and online!
~ Alexander