It’s January 9th. We’re about 15 days removed from Christmas (only 351 more days to go!), so that means by now you’re probably all out of Christmas cookies, every square of Christmas fudge is gone, and likely every slice of Christmas ham is long since devoured.

But there’s that fruitcake.

It just lasts and lasts, sitting there in the back of the fridge, wrapped in tinfoil and cellophane. It’s never eaten. It never will be eaten. Next time you clean out the fridge you’ll find it, and for a moment will wonder “what is this weird object?” before realizing (with a horror-struck “ooohh”) what it is. Without unwrapping it you’ll chuck it into the trashcan, wondering why fruitcake has to be given every year. It’s the only food that is made for a reason other than consumption. It’s the only food that seems to go bad while it’s being prepared. Who needs it?

Honestly, people. Figgy Pudding went away around the time heads were rolling during the French Revolution. Why does fruitcake persist so?

Right, sorry.

My point is, there is a gift you can give that never goes bad. There is a kind of fruitcake you can prepare and present that will be cherished and loved by the recipient forever more. Listen to the writer of Hebrews:

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.
(Hebrews 13:15)

The writer says that our worship to God and the praise we offer Him is the “fruit” of our lips. Only this fruit does not spoil. It will not be shoved away out of sight. It will not be casually discarded long after it is given. On the contrary, this gift will be so well-received that the One who accepts it will respond with blessings back to us who give it.

Give God the fruit of your worship and let Him enjoy your praise continually. He actually wants it!

~ Matthew