This church (that’s ya’ll) amazes me. Nothing can keep us down. Even in the middle of a pandemic we are working as the Kingdom of Christ. Even when we could easily be divided over trivial, temporal things such as opinions about a virus or politics we are growing numerically and spiritually. NHCOC does not fit the norm. Other churches are facing scary challenges, while we remain united and determined to grow, grow, and grow all the more. No matter what, we are determined to stay as one so that Christ and His Kingdom are glorified in our neighborhoods and community.

Sure, I know we have challenges. NHCOC is not some euphoria. But when those challenges arise we are willing be patient with each other, learn to adapt, and grow together. That’s what makes us a healthy church. That’s what makes us unique. We are determined to grow!

Your determination of growth plays out in your willingness to stay active in the Lord’s church. Let me remind you of a few things you can do to keep active and demonstrate your determination to grow. Remember:

  1. There are meals that need to be provide to families that are in mourning.
  2. There are prayers that need to be lead during worship.
  3. There are bible studies that need to be conducted.
  4. There are cards that need to be sent.
  5. There are blades of grass that need to be cut.
  6. There are bible classes that need to be taught.
  7. There is money that needs to be collected to continue the work here and abroad.
  8. There are scriptures that need to be read during worship.
  9. There are phone calls that need to be made to encourage other brothers and sisters.
  10. There are visitors that need to be welcomed.

The list could go on and on. The point is, there is plenty of work that needs to continue that you can do to help NHCOC grow. These are just 10 things that I jotted down that came to my mind. I bet you could come up with a few of your own that will help continue the growth of our amazing church. Remember nothing can keep up down. Nothing is going to stop us. We are determined to continue to GROW!!! No matter what!

I love you,