I am thankful for holidays.

I am not good at taking a sabbath. It seems like I am always working on something; whether that be working as a youth minister, taking care of my family, working on my house, working in my garden, fixing my truck, or any of a dozen other responsibilities ā€“ I am usually on the move. But holidays make me pause. They make me pause and celebrate. They make me pause and spend time with family. They make me pause and count my blessings.

God is fond of holidays. He instructed the Israelites to observe certain holidays throughout the year. These were times for them to rest, feast, teach their children, and remember what God had done for them.

I know that things seem to get busier this time of year as we enter the holiday season. But I encourage you to be thankful that we have holidays set up specifically for being thankful and for sharing with others. May you celebrate. May you spend time with loved ones. And may you reflect on the many blessings God has placed in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!!