Logical Faith

Yesterday, I took a few minutes to show Walter how to cook an egg on the stove. He appreciated it and we enjoyed our breakfast dinner together. It got me to thinking… Am I passing down to my kids things that are really important or just how to do things and live life? It is so important that we are passing faith and knowledge down to our children. But the world will try to tell them that faith and logic don’t go together.

A mother once said that her faith was quite different than that of her children. She said she tells her children that belief in God is just a matter of faith. She said, “ It’s like belief in Santa; some people believe and some do not”.

What a terrible thing to say to your children in so many ways. Two of which are that you are first teaching them that Santa and God are on equal ground which is so wrong and two you are teaching them that faith and rationale are opposites.

The bad thing is that many parents would agree with this terrible logic about faith and knowledge. Parents are telling their kids that all we need is faith, but reality is God expects us to have knowledge, logic and reason, too!

Please teach your children to not choose between faith and knowledge. Faith is a commitment to a belief and it can and should be based on knowledge and reason. Romans 10:17 says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ”. Hearing with understanding requires thought, knowledge, reason, and logic.
A well-placed faith is supported by good logic, and a poorly placed faith is illogical.

Please help your kids see that Christians should understand the world around them and the God we all serve based on logic and faith.

~ Alexander