Sometimes, we don’t know what we have until we lose it. This could be applied to every aspect of our lives where adjustments have had to be made. 

  • With schools being closed, don’t we appreciate teachers and administrators more?
  • With stores struggling to keep stock of groceries and other supplies, don’t we appreciate the overabundance of blessings we had readily available to us?
  • With restaurants, movie theaters, and community centers limited on how they can serve, don’t we appreciate the service entertainment and joy we have from being social in our community?

What about worship and church-related meetings and get-togethers? Maybe, just maybe, when we get through all of this and can resume our lives again, we will appreciate our being able to worship together without encumbrances. Maybe, just maybe, we will appreciate Bible classes, LIFE Groups, Young at Heart fellowships, Youth Group activities, and other special get-togethers even more. Maybe, just maybe, we will appreciate it so much more that we will rededicate ourselves to being more connected as a church family. Maybe, just maybe, we will make it our top priority to be with our church family above any other priorities in our lives. 

Maybe, just maybe, we didn’t know what we had.

Historically, in times of trouble or trials, God’s people turn back to him. Since you have some extra time now, read through the history in the book of Judges. It covers a period of 300 years of Israel’s back and forth struggles of seeking God and doing things on their own. They were in a “Cycle of Apostasy.”

Each time the Israelites went around the cycle, their spiritual condition got worse and worse. You can almost hear the people say, “Maybe, just maybe, we didn’t know what we had.”

Let’s make a quick application… Maybe, just maybe, we are just like the Israelites.

Maybe, just maybe, we didn’t know what we had.

I love you,