Did you know Monday derives its name from the words “moon” and “day?” As with a lot of names and conventions in our culture, the word is a byproduct of pagan naming conventions that the English language sort of adopted and anglicized over the years…

Sun’s day
Moon’s day
Zeus’ day
Woden’s Day (Woden is a variant of Odin, the Norse god)
Thor’s Day
Frigg’s Day (Frigg was a Germanic goddess akin to the Roman goddess Venus)
Saturn’s Day

Of course, I don’t offer a sacrifice or whisper a prayer to the moon. I don’t worship the moon on Monday any more than I do Saturn on Saturday. I’m not a pagan so I leave pagan things to pagan peoples. I do, however, recognize the moon came from somewhere. It’s up there, after all. It didn’t just put it self up there.

Who made the moon?

God did!

And I’m thankful He did, too. Without the moon we’d have no tide keeping our oceans active. Without the moon we’d have no light guide us at night. Without the moon we’d have no celestial marker to stare at (cause you can’t stare at the sun!) that is close enough to observe, to study, the wonder over, and (from so doing) to realize there is a great big universe out there, and it was all made by the artistic hand of God.

~ Matthew