Over the past several months, worship has faced several challenges at NHCOC and other places I am aware of.
Here a few to note:
  1. Sometimes, online worship is a challenge – Sometimes, the internet at the building does not work. Sometimes the internet in your home does not work. Sometimes the sound is off or too low or too loud. Sometimes our members struggle with finding the service online*. It is difficult to sing along with the songs because all you can hear is the leader and not the rest of the congregation.
  2. Sometimes, for those in the building, we are challenged by having to wear masks or not wear masks. It is difficult to hear each other. It is challenging to identify visitors and new members (Yes, even in a pandemic, we are getting visitors and new members because we are a healthy church and people want to be here).
  3. Sometimes, the process of getting the bread or juice opened from the pre-packaged communion is challenging. Personally, I have been concerned with spilling the juice on me. The bread is a challenge because it tastes terrible and has a styrofoam texture, which distracts me from concentrating on remembering the body of the Lord. The juice is a challenge because it has a different taste than I am used to, and I have not grown used to it yet. I grew up drinking Welches grape juice for communion. This sometimes distracts me from concentrating on remembering the Lord’s blood.
  4. Sometimes, it might be challenging to find a seat because we are limited in our auditorium’s capacity to achieve proper physical distancing from others. The regular seat that you have usually engaged and participated in worship from might have someone else in it.
  5. Sometimes, after worship, it is a challenge to remember to exit in an orderly way to allow distancing. Then I am challenged to not just run up and hug and greet people I love so very much.
These are just a few challenges that I have noticed in my heart over the past few months. But you know what??? I’ve got to stop making this list. This is ridiculous. I’m embarrassed.
The country of Cambodia has been devastated by a tremendous amount of FLOODING. A couple of days ago, I received an email with these pictures below from Rich and Ronda Dolan (a missionary team we support at NHCOC in Cambodia).
The email said this…
I thought you might like to see pictures of your brothers and sisters during their worship assembly today. This is in Battambang province at the house of Sokun. The church also meets at his house.  
2020 has brought all kinds of changes in our lives. Some have been difficult. I am just amazed at these relatively new Christians faith, to make the effort to meet together under such difficult circumstances. Please keep them in your prayers.
Ok. I’m convicted. No more will I speak of the challenges I have faced to worship God. Never will I speak of glitches in the LIVE stream, sound, masks or no masks. No more will I speak of challenges and things that got on my nerves during worship. At least I am not having to concentrate on worshipping while my feet soak in flooded water. I’ll shut up now and become more motivated by their dedication to worship. I’ll be more grateful, accommodating, and flexible. I’ll just be more motivated to be there to sing, read and study, give, pray, and commune with my brothers and sisters than ever before. I’m motivated to be more dedicated than ever because of their example of what it truly means to be dedicated to worshiping the Lord no matter what.
I’m convicted and motivated to be more dedicated! How about you?
I love you,
*Our worship service is LIVE on our NHCOC Facebook community page and our NHCOC Youtube channel. The sermon will be edited and loaded to our YouTube channel at a later time if you only want to watch the sermon.