My soul mate

Today is my wife’s birthday, and I’ve been with her for almost half of them. I honestly can’t imagine my life without her. She’s more than a help, she’s the glue of our home. She means everything to me and even if I told her twice and day and three times on Sunday she still could not hear enough how much me and the boys need, appreciate, and love her. She’s the best.

But she’s not my soul mate.

As much as I love and adore her my soul belongs to Another. I would give my life to save hers, but it’s a life that belongs to Another. I hope and expect we’ll be together forever, but no matter what, there’s Another I am sure to be with forever.

My heart, soul, mind and strength are owned by Jesus Christ. He’s the One I owe my everything to. He paid it all, so all to Him I owe. My wife is my companion as long as we both walk this earth, but Jesus is my Companion—and hers too—just as long as eternity rolls.

Is He your soul mate? He needs to be!

~ Matthew

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