Sure… Sure…. You can be a Christian and a member of church and not regularly attend the Bible classes that are offered by the local congregation. But… Your shepherds see it as an added benefit to your spiritual growth, and not only want you there but expect you to be there because they asked you to and care about your spiritual growth. You want to grow, right? You want to gain knowledge and strengthen your faith, right? Then attending Bible classes is a great and easy method to achieve these goals.

Here at North Heights we are beginning NEW adult Bible Classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Both of these classes will be in the auditorium where we can spread out and be physically distanced. These class are also available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel for LIVE streaming.

Here is the line up for the adult classes so that you can prepare and get in the mind set to have your spiritual life strengthened and experience the growth of your faith in the way that you desire. And the way God desires, too.


I’m looking forward to seeing you in class and online!

I love you,