Here’s a little food for thought on this chilly Monday morning: There is such a thing as “constructive” criticism and in many circumstances it is more than okay to share your opinion about something.

However, the danger comes when we have too high an opinion of our criticisms.

When we forget that our criticisms are really just a reflection the things we like and how we would do things and instead come to view our personal preferences as “the way things must be,” we become like the Pharisees who had no shortage of opinions on how the Jews should live and act, and they were more than happy to share those opinions with others.

When Jesus came along and frequently disregarded their traditions, the Pharisees turned their opinions into criticisms, throwing hissy fits over things like “not washing your hands seven times before eating” (Luke 11:37-38). Sometimes it’s okay to disagree and keep your opinion to yourself. We don’t always do things your way and we don’t always need to know when we don’t. You can be sure that you don’t do things our way either.

We just don’t always tell you about it.

~ Matthew