At North Heights, we believe in continuing the Ministry of Jesus, two-thousand years after He ascended into Heaven. When Jesus walked the earth He went about “doing good” (Acts 10:38). He preached to people, telling them of God’s love and grace. He helped people overcome difficult circumstances. He fed people, even though doing so meant enduring scorn from His more stuck-up peers.

My Lord loved people. He didn’t just say it; He lived it.

Jesus called Himself a servant of the people (Mark 10:45). You see that all throughout the Gospel record. When He had His last supper, the Lord told His disciples to love as much as He loved. He loved so much He was willing to give all He had to open salvation to the world. That’s an unfathomable amount of love…and that’s the love we have to have. What kind of a church would we be if we did not at least serve the world around us?

We wouldn’t be a church OF CHRIST, that’s for sure!

At North Heights we offer a special night for our community, every fourth Sunday evening. At 5pm, those in need of a hot meal can find one waiting for them here. Those in need of some basic essentials/groceries can find them here. Those needing a shirt or new shoes or a jacket, can find the clothes they need as well.

We used to have our various benevolence ministries scattered around the calendar; our clothing room was open on one day, our grocery give-away was done on another day. Now we have consolidated them all into one big event, offered at the same time and place, every month. In honor of our local school mascot, the Pioneers, we invite you and your family to come let us serve you. Give us the honor of carrying out the continued Ministry of Jesus. If you need a hot meal, some new clothes, or groceries to take home, come to Pioneer Plates!