I have been blessed with opportunity and success in reaching people with the message of Jesus. Evangelism comes very naturally to me. I have the gift of gab, therefore, talking to people about Jesus is something I am very comfortable doing. But that does not mean that I don’t do any planning or map out a strategy when making arrangements to talk to someone about the gospel. Sometimes, it takes quite of bit of work to determine the best approach to be the most successful with those efforts. 

There are three rules of reaching that I make sure to follow no matter who I am talking with to ensure a fruitful conversation. I want to share those rules of reaching with you so that you can also find success in talking to people about Jesus. These are three simple guidelines I make a note of in my head when evangelizing anyone and everyone. 

Rule #1 – Respect other people’s sincerity. Even if you disagree with their religious beliefs, show respect towards them. This includes politely listening while they talk and try to explain their thoughts. The idea is if you listen well, then they will, in turn, listen well when it is time for you to talk and explain the scriptures. 

Rule # 2 – Rely on the Scriptures. This is not only the best approach to communicate what the Bible teaches; it is the only approach. I make sure to not use phrases like. “I think” or “in my opinion”. But instead, I intentionally make sure to use phrases like, “I believe the Bible teaches” or “the scriptures say” or “The Lord says in this verse”. Our responsibility is to give what the Bible says as God’s Word, explain it thoroughly, and wait for the appropriate response. Our students are to be compelled to believe it and act on it. Our job is just to communicate it.

Rule # 3 – Remain patient for the results. It takes weeks from the planting of a seed until the eating of the fruit. Be willing to wait and let the growth happen in due time. You show love towards the person you are trying to reach when you show patience. If they don’t respond immediately, keep being patient, and wait for the response. The Bible is dependable, reliable, incredible, and wonderful. It will accomplish the task. So be patient and let it happen. 

This is not an exhaustive list of rules for reaching others. However, these are definitely ones that I use every single time I talk with people about Jesus. Let me encourage you to do the same. 

I love you,