We are down to the final days before our biggest Sunday of the year! I hope you are making plans, not only to be here for Family Day, but to bring as many friends and family with you as possible.

Speaking of family, isn’t it wonderful that we get to call ourselves children of God? The all-powerful maker and master and eventual destroyer of the physical universe looked down at little old me and you and said “I want you to be my children.” That’s amazing.

Here’s something else to consider: If God is our Father, and if Jesus was God’s Son before we were, doesn’t that mean Jesus is our older brother? What a comforting thought to know that we have an elder sibling who loves us, takes care of us, sacrifices for us, and does all the things a good sibling is supposed to do for His family.

Not only that, but as brothers and sisters to Jesus, we also stand to receive the inheritance of Jesus. Paul says that we are “heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ.” (Romans 8:17). What did Jesus receive from God? Nothing short of a Kingdom!

How blessed are we to be children of God! And how blessed are we to be brothers and sisters and fellow-heirs with to Christ the King.

~ Matthew