On Sunday, it felt so good to be able to worship again with our church family in person and online. I know that things are not entirely back to normal yet, so I want to encourage us with a few ideas on how to STAY PLUGGED IN, as we progress towards the future here at NHCOC. 

  1. Check on each other to see if there is anything anyone needs. Some have lost loved ones. Some have been sick. Some have had surgeries. Some have had injuries. Some need spiritual encouragement. Please make sure to call each other and see how you can help. Maybe you are the encouragement someone else needs to help them stay plugged in. 
  2. Tell us how you can help lead in worship. Now that we are finally able to worship in person, we need men who are willing to step up and lead the different aspects of our worship. We have a list of men who the past are were ready to serve, but with a smaller crowd in attendance, it’s hard to predict who will be there on Sunday mornings. So, what you can do is tell us. Let us know if you will lead a prayer, lead the singing, or direct our thoughts with a devotional thought before eating the Lord’s supper meal. If you have given the devotional thought on Wednesday evenings in the past, please consider staying plugged in by leading this devotional thought on Sunday mornings. We need you to communicate with us and let us know how you can step up to be the manly leaders God has called you to be. Stay plugged in by volunteering to help lead worship.
  3. Volunteer to help with our upcoming Senior Sunday and or VBS. Yes, we are still having these two events. Even though we have to execute these two events differently and creatively, we again would love and still NEED your help. Talk to Shawn and volunteer to help him in any way. Staying plugged into these two events for our young people helps our church continue to flourish.
  4. Continue to give and be generous with your money. We have been able to maintain our budget so far for 2020, but that does not mean we need to slack off. You have proven how financially generous you are to give to the Lord’s work locally and globally. We are still evangelizing, we are still teaching and preaching. We are still supporting world missions. We are still helping those who are in need. We are will completing our building project. So we still need you to keep your pockets open to be generous to continue to support the Lord’s Kingdom and work. 

No matter what the numbers indicate of our attendance last week or the week before, we are a GROWING congregation, and we want to continue to grow. It will take effort on all our parts to keep that trend in the upward direction. It’s going to require all of us to STAY PLUGGED IN!

I love you,