First Sunday Night of the month:
LIFE Groups meeting in members’ homes or at our building (5pm)

Second Sunday Night of the month:
Devotional and Fellowship at our building (5pm)

Third Sunday Night of the month:
LIFE Groups meeting in members’ homes or at our building (5pm)

Fourth Sunday Night of the month:
Day of Purpose or PIONEER PLATES at our building (5pm)

Fifth Sunday of the month:
Fellowship meal after morning worship (11am)


More information on each of these evening activities can be watched or read below…

For most of the year (September-May), North Heights spends the first and third Sunday nights each month gathering together in LIFE Groups. These small Bible Study groups meet in each other’s homes (one group meets at our building), under the guidance of our shepherds, to dig deeper into a particular Bible subject. We grow together, not only in learning but in our relationship with each other. You can learn more about our LIFE Groups HERE.

During the summer months (June-August) we meet together in our auditorium for special services that vary from year to year. Sometimes we may host a variety of speakers to preach to us, sometimes we may have Bible Questions and Answers sessions. This year we’re bringing in a handful of special preachers for a series of roundtable discussions on important issues facing Christianity. 

Our second Sunday evening is focused on fellowship. We gather together around tables loaded with delicious food to converse, laugh, and strengthen the family bond that we have in Jesus. This is also the time when our young men step up to lead a prayer, read a Scripture, lead a song, or give a devotional. There’s no better way to build a relationship with someone than over a meal together and there are few things more encouraging than watching a small child lead us in a song. Our second Sundays are sweet indeed!

The fourth Sunday of the month is what we call our “Day of Purpose.” This is a special opportunity for our members to go out into their community and be the servants Jesus calls us to be. We expect our members to “purpose in their hearts” all month long what they’re going to do on the fourth Sunday evening. They may mow a neighbor’s yard, visit a nursing home, have brethren over for fellowship, etc. There’s no limit to the things we can do when we purpose in our hearts to serve and strengthen those around us and the fourth Sunday night is our time to really focus on that.

No matter what Sunday night it is, we have something special for you here; come join us and see for yourself!