It was not long after the man and woman were created that the Devil presented himself in the garden as a serpent. He slithered himself before Adam and Eve to lure them into sin. The strategy he used was simple; lie. Adam and Eve were told by God to not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or they will surely die. Satan said otherwise. He said, “You shall not surely die.” This lie leads them to believe and act in a sinful way against God. (Read Genesis 3 for all the details)

I am convinced that the Devil now presents himself before us to tell us a different lie. It still has the same content but with a twist. I believe the Devil tells us, “You shall surely die.” I think He still wants us to believe and act in a sinful way against God, but this time he tells us we will die or lose our life as we know it if we…

  1. Share the gospel too boldly
  2. Give to the church too liberally
  3. Spend too much time reading God’s Word
  4. Devote too much time to attend worship in person with a mask and 6-foot physical distancing or online.
  5. Give too much help to those who are weak and poor
  6. Tell people we love them and care for them too often
  7. Devote more time to prayer and meditation

The Devil lies.

Let’s show the Devil who’s in charge. Let’s defeat any and all lies he presents to us. 

  1. Let’s share the gospel more body
  2. Let’s give to the church more liberally and sacrificially 
  3. Let’s spend more time reading God’s Word
  4. Let’s devote more time worship in person and online
  5. Let’s give more and more help to those who are weak and poor
  6. Let’s tell more and more people we love and care for them more and more often
  7. Let’s devote more time to prayer and meditation. 

The Devil lies. He has from the beginning, and he will to the end. Don’t believe him. Defeat him!

I love you,