Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s a poem:

I remember once reading, how our first president,

Told us to be thankful and not to resent.

He gave a speech where, he spoke a few words;

I’ll paraphrase it, as it needs to be heard:

“Whereas it’s the duty, of the US of A

To remember the Creator, Who blesses our days;

He cares and protects, if we obey His will,

So let us all try, to ever be thankful.

Both houses of Congress, have asked me to say

That this is thanksgiving’s one holiday.

So while we are feasting, and while we recline,

Let us be thankful, to the One Who’s divine.”

Thanksgiving’s a time, when family comes calling;

There’s more to it than, some food and footballing.

Let us remember, what Washington said,

And turn to our Bibles, where you’ll find it read:

“Let us offer up praise, to God continually”

“the fruit of our lips, with love thankfully.”

(Hebrews 13:15)

Today I am thankful that I have reason to be thankful. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday, and more than that I hope you find a way to make it a day worthy of the name.

God bless,

~ Matthew