I’m thankful for the influence of shepherds.

Over the last several days, I have intentionally sat back and observed how our shepherds at North Heights influence and guide those whom God has put in their charge. The influence is impressive, and their grace and patience are evident. I am ever thankful that our church family has these men to lead and guide us. These men serve the Lord as they serve us, and we are blessed to have their influence in our lives. As a church, we would be wise to adhere to their counsel and thank God every day for their influence.

On a more personal note…
Kira and I paused on Sunday and took note of a particular time a couple of our shepherds spent influencing our children. I watched and listened as they instructed my children with humble and sincere hearts. Rachel and Walter were blessed to have these two men look them in the eye with care and concern and give them guidance, love, grace, and pastoral care. Kira and I looked at each other and said, “We are thankful for our shepherds.”

Here is my challenge to you. Be incredibly thankful for our shepherds, and never take them for granted. See their shepherding care as a blessing from God.

I love you,