How often do you pray? In a verbal and/or public setting it may only be a few times a week. You might find yourself eating a meal with others or be at the bedside of someone very ill and be asked to lead a prayer. More often than not, however, our opportunities to pray are going to be more silent than verbal. I say “opportunities” and not “occasions” because the difference is in whether or not you take advantage of the opportunities to pray.

  • When you open your eyes in the morning–that’s an opportunity to pray. You’re alive; be thankful!
  • When you drive to work soon after–that’s an opportunity to pray. You’re on a highway with maniac drivers; ask for patience!
  • When you look at the schedule in front of you and wish there were more hours in the day–that’s an opportunity to pray. Life is stressful; give your cares to Him.
  • When you’re given bad news after lunch–that’s an opportunity to pray. It’s hard to have perspective; talk to the God who holds the future in His hands.
  • When you’re given good news before going home–that’s an opportunity to pray. You’ve been blessed; be grateful!
  • When you pillow your head before drifting off to sleep–that’s an opportunity to pray. You’re vulnerable when sleeping; pray the Lord your soul to keep!

How many times do we take our opportunities and turn them into occasions?

Do you only ever pray before a meal or when called on by someone else? Do you only ever pray when trouble arises? Do you only ever pray when you are feeling guilty about how little you’ve prayed recently?

Let’s refocus our eyes and look for any and every opportunity to lift up our hearts and minds to God, whether that be to say thank you, to ask for help, or to bring someone else’s needs before Him. You might be surprised how many opportunities you have to talk to God.

But don’t be surprised how much He’s listening and just waiting for you to speak.