When you first visit us, you’ll find large banners labeled “WELCOME” that greet you. Grab a bulletin to read a few Bible-thoughts from the preachers and learn about some upcoming activities. There’s also a welcome center in the foyer that has pamphlets telling you all about the works we’re engaged in here. There are also going to be a lot of people all over the place, smiling and saying hello and ready to answer any questions you may have.

We get it: It can be scary making the decision to visit a new congregation. You don’t know the layout. You don’t know the procedure. You don’t know where the bathrooms are. We get it. Maybe you are used to the way things are at another place and you don’t know how we do things around here. That’s understandable. We don’t think we do anything too radical…

at 9am

We have Bible Classes for all ages, including a nursery class, a teen class, two adult classes and everything in between. You will find an emphasis on learning the Bible and applying the Bible here. Kids will learn age-appropriate material, as will our teens, and our adults. Our Bible class teachers are well-prepared, well-equipped, and full of love.

at 10am

We have worship in our auditorium. Typically, before worship begins we’ll have some announcements to keep everyone informed about people we’re praying for and events that are upcoming. After that we’ll sing. We don’t use musical instruments but instead lift up our voices. If you’ve never experienced a’capella singing, it may seem different at first, but it will grow on you. When the alto, soprano, bass, and tenor voices blend all in harmony, you’ll never want to sing to God any other way. We will have prayer together and take in a reading from the Bible. We’ll also take the Lord’s Supper/Communion Meal; we do this every Sunday, in fact. That’s something else that might be foreign to you but we do it for the same reason we sing with just our voices: That’s the pattern of worship that was followed in the beginning of Christianity, and that’s what we’re all about, doing things the original way. We will take up a collection as well, because we believe in giving a sacrifice to God, and because the works that we do here at North Heights are worthy of our support. Finally we will consider a sermon from God’s Word, based out of Scripture, but relevant to our modern world.

That’s it.

It may not happen in the order you’re used to, it may not look and sound exactly like what is normal for you, but come visit us and see for yourself: You’ll find a family of believers here who love the Lord and who desire to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

You’ll love worshipping with us.

After we dismiss, don’t run away: Give us a chance to find you, to say hello and ask if there’s anything we can do for you. We’re called to be servants and to bring people to Jesus. If you need help with that, just let us know.

See you soon!