The renovation to our Annex building is well under way and since our office space is conjoined to that space, it’s natural that a little spill-over will occur. I’m fine with that. It’s all for a good cause and the end result (a nice, shiny, new fellowship and benevolence building) will be well worth all the distractions.

That being said, when I hear a guy in the hallway ask where the breaker box is, you better believe I furiously sprang into action, saving every file I had open on my computer, waiting for inevitable power-cut that was soon to come. But again, that’s okay. That’s expected. Our building is under construction so naturally it’s messy and chaotic around here.

It is not so with the Lord’s Kingdom.

The church of our Lord is finished. It has been established. The foundation of Apostles and Prophets has been laid, and the cornerstone of our Lord has been set in place for two-thousand years (Ephesians 2:20).

A holy Kingdom stands on this earth, though it is not a Kingdom of this world. If you’re a Christian you’re a citizen of that Kingdom, living and serving as priests and princes (and princesses) of the King. So while your life (or even your church building) might sometimes be messy and chaotic, take comfort in knowing that the spiritual Kingdom to which you belong is in good hands.

And so are you.

~ Matthew