This year, Alex and Matthew are tackling a series of sermons
focused on some of the common sins that hold us back
from following Jesus the way we should.
Join us throughout 2020 as we talk about things like
Rage, Gossip, Apathy, Manipulation, Lust, and Lying.

And listen, these aren’t just sins we chose at random.
These are things we know that all of us at North Heights need to think about and work on.
These are sins that affect, if not our members,
then at least loved ones, friends, and neighbors of our members.
This is an important series and we want you to be here for it.

Here is a tentative schedule for when we’ll be addressing
some of the sins “that so easily hold us back” (Hebrews 12:2)…

“Out of Control” (a study of RAGE) – Alex Mills, February 2nd
“Twisted Sisters” (a study of GOSSIP) – Matthew Martin, April 5th
“Meh” (a study of APATHY) – Matthew Martin, May 31st
“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” (a study of LUST) – Alex Mills, August 2nd
“Liars are Friers” (a study of LYING) – Alex Mills, September 13th
“The Duped and the Damned” (a study of MANIPULATION) – Alex Mills, November 8th